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Related article: Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2008 19:50:40 -0700 (PDT) From: Mr Mike Subject: After the Party I think its safe to say that teenage boys are always horny...even more so if they've been drinking. At least I know I was when I was that age! So sit right back and enjoy another tale of my misspent youth! I always considered myself straight but I found out early on that a piece of ass is a piece of ass. I also discovered, after a brief stint locked up in juvy, that gay black boys can be `loads' of fun...heh heh heh. In the small town in Ohio where I grew up, late May and early June meant one thing: graduation parties. Lolita Hussyfan Sites For most of the kids where I lived, that meant endless partying. Parents and cops both tended to look the other way. It was just another ritual...and the world wasn't as crazy as it is now. Most nights there would be 3-4 parties..., which, at least for me, meant LOTS & LOTS of drinking. One night as I left a party, I was walking through the downtown section and saw a group of black guys hanging out on the corner. I recognized them as the `openly gay bunch' from school. A little back-story might help here: It was the early 1980s and pretty much no one was "out"...except these guys. They were flamboyant as a Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans. They would often wear girls jeans, jelly shoes, etc. In retrospect, these guys were ahead of their time! Having just come from my third party of the night, I was pretty hammered and I was horny as hell. My friend's sister was flirting with me pretty hard at the party but we all knew she was just a tease. I thought my balls would explode if I didn't get some kind of release soon. Being a typically obnoxious teenager, and a drunk one to boot, I walked up to these guys and flat out asked if they really were gay. What was I thinking????? In retrospect, these guys coulda jumped me and kicked my ass but they just looked at me with a "did he REALLY just ask us that" kind of look. Being full of booze and teenage arrogance, I continued with my questioning:"So, like do you guys really suck dick and butt fuck and that sorta thing? Coz if so, I'd be down for some of that! Who wants some white dick?" Again, they stood there looking dumbfounded. Finally, they pushed one of the guys toward me. "Go on Timmy, you always on about how hot this white boy is, now's your chance!" one of them said, laughing. Timmy looked up at me sheepishly and asked "You serious?" "Hell yeah!" I replied. "My balls are ready to explode!" I answered with a laugh. He looked at me, then back at his friends, then back at me and said, "OK, I'm down with that." And took me by the hand and we started to walk towards an alley. I have to admit, it felt weird holding hands with another guy but it was strangely a turn on. My dick was getting rock hard. Timmy looked really hot. He was about 5'7", dark skin with short hair. He was wearing an Izod shirt and really tight shorts that accentuated his bubble butt. I couldn't wait to see that ass naked! We stopped for a minute and Timmy asked where we should go. I hadn't thought that far ahead! Luckily, I knew my way around town and suggested that I knew of an abandoned garage not too far away. Timmy seemed OK with this idea. All of a sudden, something came over me and I did one of the most forward things in my life. I unzipped my pants and took out my raging 6.5" hard on and asked him, "I hope this is OK for you". Timmy's jaw just dropped. He reached out and took it in his hand, gently squeezing it and stroking it. "Oh hell yes baby, that will MORE than do!" After a minute or so of Timmy stroking me, I zipped back up and he said that he Lolita Hussyfan Sites needed to stop by his house for something. Luckily, we weren't too far and I waited outside while he ran in. He came back out with a jar of Vaseline. It clicked in my mind that this was something we would most definitely be needing! We made our way back through the alleys to the old, abandoned garage. It was empty and a bit dirty but it would serve our purpose. 2 teenage boys getting in on! Once inside, there was a moment of silence. We just looked at each other...almost as if to say `who starts first?' As I'd drank a lot of beer this night, I chose this moment to relive myself. It would also give us a chance to see who would make the 1st move and it would also give me the chance to show off my dick again. As luck would have it, Timmy took the cue and came over and started to feel me up while I pissed. It felt so good, his hands all over me. He was kissing my neck and pushing my pants down around my knees. Once my pants were down, he started to fondle my still pissing cock. He reached under and gave my balls a gentle squeeze. All I could do was moan. I stood there shaking the last few drops of piss away and Timmy started stroking my cock. It was fully hard again in an instant! He led me away from the piss-stained wall and leaned me against another wall. He got down on his knees, looked up at me and said, "I usually don't like sucking dick but I HAVE to suck yours!" And with that, he began to lick my shaft. His left hand was on my belly, groping my abs while his right hand held my cock. He licked and kissed the shaft up and down, licking the head when he got to the top of it. I'd had blowjobs from a lot of girls (and admittedly a few guys) and Timmy definitely knew what he was doing! As he licked back down, he would flick my balls with his tongue. Each lick brought me closer & closer to the edge. After a few minutes of sucking my cock, he took my balls in his mouth and started licking and sucking on them. This was something new to me and let me tell ya, I LIKED IT! Timmy had my head spinning. He started to play with my asshole. It was like nothing I'd ever felt before! He started by rubbing his finger against my hole and then trying to push it in. My virgin ass had never felt anything like it. Timmy turned me Lolita Hussyfan Sites around and buried his face in my ass. He started licking at my asshole and trying to probe it with his tongue. The feeling was so intense I was feeling weak in the knees. "I want to fuck you," he cooed. Standing up, I could feel his hand on my ass, squeezing it. I could hear him unzipping his shorts. I reached behind me and could feel his massive, hot black cock. It had to be at least 9" long and it felt as thick as a baby's thigh! This thing would tear me apart! Timmy leaned into me and started rubbing his massive dick up and down my crack. This was turning me on in ways I could never have imagined. I started to stroke myself. Timmy stopped just long enough to try to put some Vaseline on my asshole and on his own cock. "I've never done anything like this before", I panted. "It's ok baby, I won't hurt you. If we can't get it in, then you can fuck me". These words were a bit of a relief for me. I've always wanted to try being fucked but I just knew there was no way that monster would fit inside of me without doing some serious damage. Timmy did, however, try. I felt the massive flared head of his dick knocking at my back door. He tried slowly to force it in but I kept tightening up and clenching...just pure reflex. After a few painful minutes of him trying, we gave up. But now it was my turn. Timmy by this point had taken off all of his clothes and let me tell you, he was beautiful! He had a slender body but with the tiniest bit of meat on him. His body wasn't defined but it was toned. And that dark, dark skin just made him look even hotter. His cock was at full attention and in the little bits of light coming in from the street, the Vaseline on it glistened. His nut sack was pulled tight into his groin and his thighs looked almost girlish due to the lack of hair on them. I reached forward and took his massive dick in my hand and stroked, all the while staring right into his eyes. He quivered as I stroked him. I thought he was going to cum all over me. I leaned into him and whispered in his ear that I was ready to fuck him. He turned around a braced himself against the wall and took my cock in his hand and drew me into him. I rubbed by greased up cock up and down his ass crack and pushed into him. The feeling of my cockhead pressing into his anus was heaven. One little POP and in I slid. He felt so warm inside. The Vaseline lubed him up well and it was like fucking a hot, tight pussy... only better. Timmy really knew how to fuck and he liked it! As I fucked him, he used his sphincter muscles to milk my cock. He knew just the right way to grind his ass so I went deeper and deeper. I knew I wouldn't last much longer, so I started thrusting faster and deeper, damned near pushing him through the wall. I was squeezing his cock as we fucked and we both shot Lolita Hussyfan Sites our loads at about the same time. Timmy immediately wanted more! He dropped to his knees and cleaned me off with his tongue, never letting me go soft. He then got down on all fours and begged me to fuck him doggy style. There was that ass! So round, so dark and so perfect, just waiting for me. I climbed onto his ass and thrust my hard cock into him, almost savagely. He let out a moan that could've woke the dead. His hips were grinding and bucking and I kept thrusting into him as far as I could go, then sliding almost completely out and then thrusting back into him. Having already had an orgasm, I knew I could keep this up for a while. He was almost crying, begging me to fuck him harder. He had another orgasm while I was fucking him and his entire body quivered. His ass clenched onto my cock while this happened with such intensity, I was half-afraid he'd pull my dick off! He shot his load onto the floor while I kept fucking him. He kept using his ass to milk my cock and I gotta tell you, it was better than any pussy I ever fucked. I finally felt the cum rising in me and I knew I was gonna blow, so I thrust as far into him as I could and held it there, trying to push in even further. I shot 3 hot loads deep into his ass, and then we just collapsed, me on top of Timmy on the dirty, cum-stained floor of this abandoned garage. We just lay there panting, while my cock went soft and slowly slid out of him, taking with it the loads I'd just filled him with. Timmy was lying there with cum just oozing out of his ass. I offered to help him up but he said he needed to just lie there for a minute. His eyes looked almost glazed over. I guess this is what people mean when they talk about the afterglow. I walked over to the other wall to relieve myself again (beer always makes me piss a lot). When I finished, I stopped to put my shorts on as Timmy got himself up off of the floor. His stomach was covered in old grime and cum and I could see cum dripping down the back of his thigh. He just looked at me and smiled and said, "Damn boy, that was some serious fuckin'!" We made a little small talk while he got dressed. He wanted me to kiss him. I tried but the passion was gone. He seemed a bit disappointed by this. I suggested we do this again and he agreed that it would be fun. We walked out of the garage and went our separate ways. The walk home took almost 45 minutes and I kept getting hard ons the whole way home thinking about the great sex Timmy & I just had. The rest of the summer went by without me running into Timmy. In fact, I didn't see him again until a few years later...but that's another story... As always, I look forward to hearing your comments! Feel free to drop me a line!
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